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WhatsApp introduces a new feature that allows users to send photos and videos that disappear once viewed. The “view once” mode is included with the aim of “giving users even more control over their privacy”.

WhatsApp "View Once"

In this sense, if the recipient opens x visual content in the “view once” option, it will disappear forever, as it happens in other apps such as Snapchat or Instagram through the MD. Messages will be displayed as normal messages in the chat, marked with the “once” icon.

Like other photos/videos sent in the application, these can be further edited and captioned. In addition, as long as the recipient has read receipts enabled, they will be able to see when they have been opened. If they are not opened, they will disappear from the chat in 14 days.

WhatsApp thus follows Facebook‘s plan to improve the protection of users’ privacy, even if this concept always ends up being diluted in the virtual context.

Discover the full story in the social network’s Twitter video.