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Tinder, the world’s most popular dating app, is working on a way to enable what many of us do on our own before dating: look for potentially disturbing details about each other.

For years, users, especially women, have devised their own ways of filtering their dates. Commenting to each other if someone is problematic, paying for background check services or finding out full names and searching for them on Google or Instagram. Now Tinder wants to include the ability to check the criminal and criminal background of matches.

The new feature focuses on getting that information into the hands of users before a date takes place, in part to address the security concerns that arise in such matches. Match Group, Tinder’s parent company, has already teamed up with a non-profit background check company called Garbo to integrate them into the app.

The idea is to focus specifically on protecting users from violent crime, stalking and harassment. At the moment, the company has warned that drug possession and traffic offences will not be included, but crimes such as drunk driving and road homicide will be. The team is still deliberating over the inclusion of prostitution and solicitation, offences for which transgender people may be most at risk.

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