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Mika Kailes pays tribute to the students of Central Saint Martins 2020 through his new short film. Capturing the moments before the presentation of the final projects, this film captures the chaos and creativity around the collections and their designers.


When the students at CSM 2020 began preparing their final projects, they did not expect this “tragic” outcome. However, Kailes (@mikakailes) wanted to portray those moments marked by haste and illusion before the world’s stop.

Gui Rosa, Leeann Huang or Paolina Russo, among others, tell us about their final collections, their creative process and the artistic references that have led them to create their designs.

Without a doubt, this new generation of designers will benefit from the current situation by enhancing, even more, their artistic temperament. As Kailes has expressed, “now more than ever it is up to us to reflect and re-adjust”.

You can watch the whole short film below.

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