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Sexual trends are always changing, and now what is in vogue is sexual fasting. The practice consists of abstaining from sex for a certain period of time, either alone or with your partners.

Sexual fasting basically consists of not having sex or masturbating, i.e. keeping your hands to yourself. This technique is especially popular among couples or couples who are not going through the best of times. Odette Freundlich and Ian Kerner are two great advocates of fasting and claim that, after at least a month without sex, the flame of passion is rekindled.

Kourtney Kardashian is one of the pioneers in trying out all the trends that are sweeping the lifestyle market. And the latest of them is this, the sexual detox, thus improving her relationship with her current fiancé, Travis Barker. “Oh my God, it was crazy, but it made everything better in the end. It’s like when you can’t have caffeine: when you drink your first matcha, it’s wonderful.” 

This practice promises to change the perception of pleasure and turn it into a whole new experience. Sexual fasting has a number of benefits for your body and your relationships. Delayed gratification gives you a new perspective on intimacy. It helps build a solid foundation of friendship and trust in the relationship as it strengthens connections.

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