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VFILES (@vfiles) is back on NYFW. The platform exhibited its eleventh show, which featured young talents, musical performances and a front row full of celebrities. Among the creatives, CSM graduate Pierrre-Louis Auvray (@forbiddenkn0wledge) stood out. The designer earned a spot in the VFILES parade along with Londoner Wesley Harriott and amberinos Di Du and Nico Verhaegen.


Di Du (@di______du), born in China and graduated in Fine Arts in Antwerp, presented a collection of futuristic materials and 3D printed accessories. Her avant-garde designs played with different fabrics and colors, such as light feathers and silk gauze in pastel tones mixed with more colorful ones. The asymmetrical tops and belt buckles on the torso were two indisputable protagonists in her proposal.

On the other hand, Ricky Harriott‘s collection (@welsey_harriott) was clearly influenced by female power figures, video games and anime. For this spring 2020 he proposes suggestive and elegant silhouettes. The strategically trimmed garments and the interlaced strips were in charge of emphasizing the movement and volume of each piece.


Nico Verhaegen (@nico_verhaegen), who as well as Di Du also graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, presented the show’s only male collection. On this occasion, Verhaegen was inspired by decadence and renaissance giving rise to garments developed in rustic and cracked fabrics. In addition, he experiments with sustainable materials, among the ecological fibres the recycled nylon pieces stand out.

Finally, Auvray‘s surrealist collection was distinguished from the rest by extrapolating the human body to exaggerated but, above all, unexpected silhouettes. And although the designer left Central Saint Martins last year, he has already been involved in some disputes in the fashion world. One of the best known was with Alessandro Michele, since Auvray accused Gucci of stealing his designs and ideas. Now he confesses that he “doesn’t even care anymore”. His designs are influenced by technology, so his latest collection blurs the lines between synthetic and natural materials. Auvray does not hesitate to combine thick wool fabrics with recycled pieces of plastic and electronic pieces.