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A few days ago in DAZED, Virgil Abloh shared some surprising headlines about the genre that elevated him to the top. Specifically, Virgil uses his latest interview as an opportunity to talk about the possible extinction of streetwear.

Virgil Abloh

When Virgil is asked about what will happen with streetwear in 2020 he answers that: “I would definitely say it’s gonna die, like, its time will be up. In my mind, how many more t-shirts can we own, how many more hoodies, how many sneakers? I think that like we’re gonna hit this like, really awesome state of expressing your knowledge and personal style with vintage – there are so many clothes that are cool that are in vintage shops and it’s just about wearing them. I think that fashion is gonna go away from buying a boxfresh something; it’ll be like, hey I’m gonna go into my archive.” 

“How many more t-shirts can we own, how many more hoodies, how many sneakers?”

He also added: “I’m excited by the next one. I’m excited to see what we do in this next chapter because the strides we made in the last ten years are too insane.”.

This prediction is contrary to the opinion of Kim Jones who had already stated that “streetwear is over“.

If you want to read Abloh’s full interview you can do it here.