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Once again, Lisbon is celebrating its Fashion Week by showing off its country’s talent on a runway that has welcomed both well-established faces in the industry and emerging designers.

We have selected our favorite proposals and have compiled the best streetstyle highlights that have been experienced in this week of fashion and art. This post is on collaboration with our friends nss magazine.

Constança Entrudo

I don’t know if this exists, by Constança Entrudo is the first performance-based commission at Lisbon Fashion Week that focuses on the culture of the human body in relation to painting, sculpture, sound and fashion. The designer has displayed one of our favourite LFW proposals.


The Ninamounah duo plays with the concept of metamorphosis by exploring the union between fashion and biology. Maturity and deconstruction in an exquisite proposal that slips into our top.


Béhen is based on ethically produced garments made by women’s communities around the world who support the education of Syrian children. Its principles and aesthetics ensure it a place among our favourites.

Flávia Brito

Flávia Brito‘s creations are a hybrid of the fields of fashion, art and jewelry. She currently focuses on developing conceptual work around clothing and objects. And the result is magnificent.