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The Paris Opera was the venue for the presentation of the Hungarian fashion and accessories brand Nanushka, founded by Sandra Sando in 2006, held in the French capital as part of the official calendar of Paris Fashion Week (PFW), and was responsible for opening the second day of shows.

Evidently no one wanted to miss the event and so the famous Opéra Garnier seemed to relive the beautiful, crowded moments that we miss so much from the now famous old normality in which we all used to relate to each other. Well, that was the feeling that prevailed in one of the rooms of the iconic building as, with the smell of freshly brewed coffee, we began to enjoy and discover first-hand the Autumn/Winter 22 collection. Besides the clothes and accessories, of course, and the location, certainly before we start talking about Nanushka’s latest offering, it is worth noting that the brand has been one of the first to publicly show its support for Ukraine and to collaborate with the cause, as the designer stated, the entire company is partnering with the Order of Malta’s Hungarian Charity Service to provide accommodation, food, clothing and transport to and in Budapest for those seeking refuge when leaving Ukraine.

But despite the current situation between Russia and Ukraine, this did not overshadow the brand’s debut at the French edition of fashion week, nor the audiovisual experience that Sandor Sandor offered us, in which the models appeared in threes and were placed on a round catwalk (which rotated 360º) so that we could see the pieces up close. This proposal that we were so excited to talk about was christened “Industrial Craft” and was characterised principally by the mixture of silhouettes inspired in work clothes.

The design line and style was the same, simple, minimalist and versatile but without losing the special touch that characterises the brand, as well as the muted tones that dyed the garments. And speaking of garments, do you want to know which were some of our favourites? I’m sure you do. These are: the reimagined trench coats, the XL blazers, the leather and snake print garments in general, and the bags.

Finally, through this presentation they announced their exclusive collaboration with the jewellery brand Vasiliki.

Now that you have all the information about Nanushka’s debut at Paris Fashion Week (PFW), it’s your turn to have your say. Check out the gallery to see the collection in full.