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In a world where our beauty references are Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner the industry of the fashion refuses to make visible another body beyond 90 – 60 – 90. Or yes, but it is insufficient.

Plus Size

There are many advertising campaigns or inclusive firms that have generated a new wave of fresh diversity, #no labels and sizes that have nothing to do with the stipulated beauty canons. The point is that when transmitting the message they always set the difference, they emphasize the big size and they praise -and politicize- the fact of including a person who does not follow the same physical appearance as the rest. When is a big-size model going to stop representing diversity and simply be part of the cast of models?

Now the signatures communication is addressed to those of great stature in a comprehensive, inclusive and ‘authentic’ way, but it is not real, because the gap is being marked. There is a totally unnecessary division, not to mention the catwalk and the type of woman/man who climbs on it. Similarly, a large person can not fully participate in fashion, neither Zara nor Prada allows it, only specialty stores, retailers such as 11 Honoré or some collections of Marc Jacobs, Charlotte Russe or Wu.

What cannot be understood is that in a new era in which everything is changing more than ever, in which diversity has climbed the catwalk and ‘ugliness‘ or anti-fashion has been praised, there is still this problem that limits and prohibits, above all, women.

It’s a false advertising integration where if you’re not thin you’re out of the game, and being a curvy woman in the industry is something very remarkable, even when you’ve been filed down more than ever with Photoshop, like Ashley Graham on the cover of Vogue. Not to mention headlines like: ‘the 5 plus size women to follow‘, or the Nike ‘plus size’ or #Wearevioleta by Mango campaigns. Are they anything out of the ordinary? Is it a tendency to be plus size? That’s when exclusion is being generated. More free bodies are needed, without prejudices and without plus sizes remarked even with neon. We need more Lena Dunham in the scene.