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Reality trumps fiction in this new episode starring Xiaomi. In a video —which could very well be an intro to Black Mirror— the Chinese company showcases its new “Mi Air Charge” device that has revolutionized the technology sector. 

The developing “Mi Air Charge” technology will do away with cables and wireless charging stands forever. In an increasingly digital and wireless reality, Xiaomi is going one step further and showcasing its revolutionary technology that will allow users to remotely charge multiple devices simultaneously.

The electronics company‘s innovation focuses on the principles of spatial positioning and power transmission. Its isolated charging stack incorporates five-phase jamming antennas that accurately detect the location of devices.

The phase control —made up of 144 antennas— works to transmit millimeter-count waves directly to the phone by beamforming. What we don’t really know is whether or not there will come a point at which artificial intelligence overload will be a good thing, beyond smart homes.

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