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Coconut oil has become a superfood and beauty elixir. Its popularity took off after a host of Hollywood stars confessed to using the plant-based product to care for their health, skin and hair. While overindulging in one ingredient is never a good thing, here are our favourite products that contain coconut.

Gwyneth Paltrow opened the debate (once again). “I use coconut oil a lot. I put it on my face, I put it on my skin and I use it in my cooking. So far, so good. But the actress complicated matters when she began to explain one of its most questioned uses. “I’ve just started using it for oil pulling, which is to hold it in your mouth for about 20 minutes. It’s supposed to be good for oral health and whitening teeth,” she said.

Behind her, several other celebrities revered the use of the oil. Miranda Kerr shouted from the rooftops that she added it to her salads and smoothies, that she even used it to moisturise her skin and that she “never went a day without it”. Suki Waterhouse confessed that she applied it to her hair and when her skin felt like “a stone” she used it on her face. And Emma Stone uses it as a make-up remover to avoid allergic reactions.

The properties of coconut in cosmetics

The main benefits of coconut are in its seed, which, when it reaches maturity, contains many vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It also provides calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, selenium, iodine, zinc, fluorine, manganese and other elements.

The vitamin E it contains is a powerful antioxidant that prevents premature ageing of the skin, and its proteins repair tissues and contribute to cellular health.

The medium-chain fatty acids it contains help to restore the skin’s neutral pH, remove oil and excess sebum and leave the skin moisturised and beautiful.

It is very good for the lips as it restores moisture levels much better than other products we usually use such as petroleum jelly.

It can also be used as a natural sunscreen as it blocks 20% of UVA rays.

Super-moisturising coconut cosmetics

Koconoi All in One Magic Coconut Energetic

It is an ideal cream as it has multiple uses: bath cream, body moisturiser, face cream… It is enriched with coconut butter, shea butter and cocoa butter.

Be Natural Virgin Coconut Oil

Get your hair moisturised, repaired and full of shine with Be Natural’s Virgin Oil Restorative Oil. With organic virgin coconut oil as the star ingredient, its benefits are of immediate effect. Strengthened hair fibre, sealed ends and zero frizz.

Sala Code Coconut & Soja Hair Conditioner

Taking care of your hair in the shower can now be done in a sustainable way, because you can save water with solid products such as Salad Code Coconut & Soy Solid Conditioner. In addition, its coconut content repairs, nourishes and strengthens damaged and weak hair. Onion extract, on the other hand, will prevent hair loss and stimulate growth.

Koconoi Energetic Eye Contour

This formula is based on Monoï Oil and Noni Extract, the perfect combination to nourish and hydrate the skin. It also contains coconut oil, which is ultra-moisturising and rich in vitamin E.

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