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Ayayi is a new virtual influencer joining the market from China, and aims to be the most realistic to date.

Virtual influencers are no longer something new, they could be considered an increasingly recurrent trend nowadays. Often reaching millions of followers, they are more effective than some celebrities when it comes to selling products.

Created by the company Ranmai Technology, Ayayi is China’s first metahuman influencer. Her great advantage over other virtual influencers? Her incredible realism. In fact, she looks more like a real human than a virtual one in terms of physical appearance.

The latest technologies in 3D modelling and advances in lighting and 3D textures have made the creation of this virtual influencer possible. The play of light and shadow on her face makes her look like a practically real person.

Why this effort to create such a realistic avatar? To sell. In fact, the influencer Ayayi has already collaborated with big brands to promote their products. In addition, she has been invited to virtual events where she has made her appearance and posted pictures of the place.