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BeReal is the app of the moment and has become the number one over the last few months. This innovative social network is gaining more and more fame among Generation Z for its naturalness and spontaneity. 


Launched in 2020, BeReal does not aim to be the new fashion platform for influencers. The app is intended to be a space for users to share photos with their friends in the moment. BeReals will only be able to access their friends’ content if they also share content.

The app of the moment stands out because users share their day-to-day reality without “posturing”. In BeReal you only have two minutes a day at random to share a photo. This app calls on its users to share with their friends the most spontaneous moments of their day.

The social network completely restricts the editing of photos, which will be deleted once it is time to upload another one. It is impossible not to make a comparison with Instagram. Although it is still the most widely used application, BeReal is starting to gain momentum as a potential competitor.

BeReal has a clear purpose: to put an end to the idea of social networks as a showcase for the best moments: edited selfies, perfect couples and trips. This app is all about spontaneity, and you can get a daily notification to upload a photo at any time.

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