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Black Box presents Tales From Underground a project that shows the hidden faces of Naples. In this episode “Foreign Love” the streetwear fashion shop travels to the Quartieri Spagnoli neighbourhood with Jake Hartwell. The photographer’s love and curiosity have made this story a unique experience. 

It is very easy to judge a book by its cover and cities are no exception. We often see them as a place to live, work, and play, but if you look beyond that, you’ll discover a wide variety of subcultures, characters and neighbourhoods that are the soul of what a city is made of, a soul that often goes unseen, misrepresented or even judged.

With Tales From Underground, Black Box, the shop for streetwear lovers and sneakerheads where you can find a selection of international and Japanese brands, limited editions and collaborations, wants to show what is hidden beneath the surface, to bring it to light to celebrate its beauty and underline how important it is to the very life of the city.

Black Box travels to Naples with four talented photographers Gaetano De Angelis, Maria Clara Macri, Jake Hartwell and Mila Cuomo, to create a space where they can express themselves freely with the main goal of creating a meeting point for the community. A place of cultural enrichment related to the street and with the idea of showing a real and sincere portrait of the heterogeneous and multifaceted world we live in.

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This time, Jake Hartwell, co-founder of the @basementapproved community, and Black Box toured the Quartieri Spagnoli neighbourhood in Naples. A place where tradition blends with different cultures making it as unique as it is fascinating. From the old faces to the new generations, everything finds its right balance in one of the most multicultural and, at the same time, most authentic neighbourhoods of the city.

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