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Blumarine FW22 campaign explores the most extreme and dramatic side of the feminine soul. Through the eye of Petra Collins and styling by Lotta Volkova, the image has clear references to Lynch’s ambiguous atmospheres.

Model Sasha Pivovarova plays the lead role in a Lynchlike story where seduction is the norm, and atmospheres are shrouded in equal parts suspense and fascination.

Sasha appears on top of a pink car, submerged under the water of a swimming pool. How did that car get there? The ellipsis is what moves us to continue the story, which in the end remains unfinished, leaving to our imagination what happened previously.

It is a voluptuous, provocative and amplified Blumarine, where lightness and anxiety, innocence and sensuality coexist in the same space, without being squeaky. Most of the garments in Blumarine FW22 campaign are conceived in a pale pink tone, but there are also models in gray, red and purple colors.

Did you know that Blumarine has entered the world of jewelry? We tell you all the details here.

Creative director – @nicola_brognano
Photography – @petrafcollins
Styling – @lottavolkova
Main character – @sasha_pivovarova