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Carrefour has come up with a new project that elevates sustainable fashion. The French retail giant has set up two corners in Madrid and Barcelona selling second-hand clothes with the idea of promoting the circular economy. 

The company has sold 4,000 garments since last summer at the points managed together with Patapam, a company specialising in second-hand clothing, with the intention of giving clothes another life.

This initiative is part of a series of actions that the group is carrying out as part of the pact signed by Carrefour and other companies in the sector, called ‘The Fashion Pact’, to commit to reducing the footprint of the fashion industry.

The company has pledged that all garments under its TEX brand will guarantee animal welfare by 2023, that 50% of cotton garments will be BIO by 2025 and that by 2030, 100% of materials will be sustainable and traceable.

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