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“Cómo mandarlo todo a la mierda” is the new 6-part HBO Max series in which a group of friends travel in search of freedom.


Generation Z, drama, friendship, and a lot of desire for freedom. Cómo mandarlo todo a la mierda is the new HBO Max series, a journey in search of personal self-knowledge for a group of young people who have little to lose and a lot to discover about themselves and life itself. The new youth drama created by Jaime Olías and Pablo Sanhermelando is now available on HBO Max.

The group of friends hit the road aimlessly, especially Alba (Naira Lleó), a young woman who finds it hard to adapt. One day, she receives the terrible news that the end-of-year trip has been cancelled and discovers that a group of friends have come up with a plan B, making her parents believe that the trip is still on and planning an alternative so as not to stay at home.

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