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If you are called the “fortune teller” of the group for consulting your horoscope at the drop of a hat, then Mercury retrograde must be stressing you out. As this planet starts to go retrograde during these three weeks, all single creatures on earth may experience turbulence in love. That’s why Tinder has created this guide to make it easier for you to find a partner. 

There are more and more horoscope lovers, in fact, Tinder has seen the term “astrology” increase by 75%* in bios globally. Cosmic changes are also a popular topic on Tinder and the last time Mercury was retrograde, in September/October 2021, mentions of “Mercury” increased by almost 20% globally.

So, instead of leaving its astrology-loving members to fend for themselves, Tinder has asked spiritual guide, Devina Badhwar, to share her insights on how Mercury retrograde will impact our love life. And, of course, she has also shared some tips on what our perfect date would be according to our horoscope.


Aries are assertive and not too much of a joker. However, they bring colour to life even when everything seems grey, and they are very impulsive people. This Mercury retrograde, let go of your intrusive thoughts and open your mind and heart. You should avoid any quarrels with those closest to you, be they family, friends, or colleagues. Release your fears and let the universe show you what it has in store for you.

The perfect match: Scorpio is your soul mate. You are both ruled by the red queen (or as we all know it, Mars) because when you get together you share the same passion, energy and intimacy.

Dating tip: Test your cosmic energies by dating someone in real life. Enter “Date Night” and the planets will guide you from there.


Taureans are stubborn and headstrong, but also confident and very sociable. With Uranus in their sign, which aligned at the last eclipse, this is definitely the time to take charge! When it comes to dating, Taurus knows exactly what they want, but, beware, this means they are also super picky. With Mercury retrograde it’s time to get rid of your fierce side (literally) and be more spontaneous. Give that date you were a little hesitant about a chance or take up that chat you weren’t too sure about at first. If you are too cautious, in the end, you could be wasting a good match.

The perfect match: Libra is your best match. Not only do you share an intense and passionate bond with each other, but you also know how to comfort a Libra and offer them the stability they want in a long-term partner.

Dating tip: Follow your instincts and go to “Free Tonight” to find the most mystical match who is willing to improvise plans with you.


Geminis, the most extroverted of extroverts, will make sparks fly on every date. To match your fiery, talkative and quick-witted nature, your partner must be the opposite to ignite the flame. You may be emotionally attracted to Mercury retrograde, which will make you feel a little out of place, so choose your dates wisely.

The perfect match: You and Libra are the perfect couple. The fact that you are two air signs guarantees you great mental compatibility, which will help you to understand each other’s emotions. Librans will give you the peace of mind you need, while you will adapt to their energy as much as possible.

A tip for your dates: bring out your dating game and your most original compliments to seduce your partner, who could be waiting for you at “Finding love”.


Caring, sensitive and compassionate, Cancer has a good sense of humour and is often easy to get along with. This time of Mercury retrograde can dull your natural glow and make you feel lazy or less motivated, so this may be a good time to pamper yourself a little ️. Be good to yourself when looking for the perfect match, as any rejection during these weeks can affect you more than usual. Be yourself and choose someone who seems nice and trustworthy.

The perfect match: You may find your soul mate in Pisces. They are emotional, affectionate and intense. Like you, Pisces also have an armour that protects them from what others say.

Dating tip: Pamper yourself and find an appointment for that much needed spa session in “Self Care”.


They may be a challenging sign, but Leo’s are loyal, romantic, passionate and fearless and tend to put their own needs before those of others. As a Leo you like to take centre stage and be the centre of attention, so, in this Mercury retrograde, you should give your partner the opportunity to take the lead. Be flexible and open to your date’s suggestions, such as letting her choose the restaurant. Your emotions may get the better of you, so take some time to recharge your batteries before dating again.

The perfect match: Aries is your perfect partner. You have energy in common and the hottest element, fire, which will make you the most powerful couple in the whole zodiac.

A tip for your dates: Add to your biography “I’m a Leo, but I’ll let you take the reins” and go to “Entrepreneurs” to get the perfect match.


Virgos tend to be practical and quick-witted and give the best advice without having to be asked for it, although like most people, they forget to follow their own in love (oops ️). Virgo: You can get very picky when it comes to dating, but this will keep you single for a long time. To navigate Mercury retrograde, be flexible and throw out that list of demands to find ‘The One’. Broaden your horizons and give your matches a chance: they may surprise you and for the best.

The perfect match: Cancer is the perfect match for you. A perfect example that opposites attract, as your differences are complemented by unconditional love and understanding.

Dating tip: Don’t let the fear of not finding the “Ryan Reynolds” of your “Blake Lively” stop you: give your romantic life a boost, get out of your comfort zone, travel and seek out new adventures! Enter “Aventurerx” and who knows, you might just find a well-travelled love there.


Libra, kind, emotional, romantic, passionate and with feelings to the surface. They are balanced but only when they want to be. During this astrological roller coaster, you must be very careful with your heart and don’t start planning your wedding ️ or think of baby names when all your crush has said is a simple “hello”. Also, try to avoid conflicts in your relationships during this time, as they won’t do you any good.

The perfect match: Librans have high standards and want someone with whom they can do everything. Therefore, your perfect match would be a Leo or an Aquarius.

A dating tip: Don’t just read people’s profiles; take the time to get to know someone on “Let’s be friends” and start a conversation with them, it could be the best decision you make during this time.


Here we have the mysterious and the super reserved. Scorpios are creative, bold and determined people who are looking for a mind that has the same energy as they do. During this time of Mercury retrograde, your emotions will dominate you, so be careful about making decisions with your heart. If you are idealising your ex and ignoring the red flags, stop here. Reflecting on the past is fine, but use this to open up in your new relationship.

The perfect match: Virgo can understand your dear Scorpio mind very well. Together, you create a practical and passionate bond: another perfect match with a good vibe!

Dating tip: Scorpios love adventure, so find the person to put a little adrenaline in your life, in “Strong Emotions” where you can find someone to bungee jump with.


Sagittarians are independent, risk takers, and are quite savvy in emotional intelligence, which helps them to connect instantly. Mercury retrograde can make you feel lost, but this is only due to your CEO personality. When you’re on Tinder, remember that it’s not all about you. You will have to find a middle ground so that you both feel that your needs are being met. It’s important to assess your date’s preferences. If you feel like you’re getting too sensitive, it might be time to take a break to take care of yourself.

The perfect match: You need someone who is affectionate and open-minded, but also someone who gives you space, such as Aries or Leo.

Dating tip: If you are an alert Sagittarius looking for a partner who believes in the same things you do, then “Social Causes” is where you will find that bold partner with whom you will share an opinion.


Capricorns are ambitious, they achieve their goals and like to work in an organised way. They are also the most encouraging and motivating to their partner. However, during this time of Mercury retrograde, there could be some communication breakdowns and delays, especially when it comes to dating. Don’t lose hope in case things don’t go well on a date or you end up being ghosting. Use this time to find your perfect match and make your intentions clear. The clearer you are about your goals, the faster they will come to you.

The perfect match: Taurus is your perfect soul mate as a good Capricorn. They are loyal and reliable, just what you need.

A tip for your dates: Add your favourite song to your profile and look for your improvisation partner in Musical Mode.


Self-sufficient and independent, Aquarians are calm, sensitive and absolutely clear about what they want. Mercury retrograde may provoke small arguments or misunderstandings with those around you and you could also have some drama with your ex… but be careful, DON’T follow in #Bennifer’s footsteps! Use this moment to tie up all those loose ends and get away from toxic exes once and for all. With your new partner, be the boss and don’t show your feelings so openly.

The perfect match: Clearly Gemini. Both you and Gemini are thirsty for information and complement each other very well.

A tip for your dates: Find a partner who will give you the best series and YouTube channels to binge watch in a “series marathon”.


Some call Pisces “old souls”. They are emotionally sensitive, easy going and can adapt to any kind of situation. Mercury retrograde will force you to confront any emotional issues you have been avoiding for the past few days. Before starting a new relationship, take time to heal wounds and face any fears you may have from other relationships. You never know, but the match you are looking for could be just a swipe away!

The perfect match: Aquarius values love as much as you do and you both believe in a lasting relationship and strive to maintain it.

A dating tip: Always make sure you are favouring “Verified” profiles. Verified profiles that have a blue check mark are the green flag to look out for.

Although you can feel the effects of Mercury retrograde in a thousand different ways, this is a good time to redirect all your cosmic energies towards yourself to reflect, reconsider and redefine them. Make a list of the things you would like to have in a partner and keep them in a safe space. The Universe is always listening, do you know what to ask for?

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