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Rígido is a jewellery studio based in A Coruña. Their jewellery is the result of a handcrafted production that has durability and quality as its fundamental axes mixed with contemporaneity. Now they present their latest collection Experimental Drift.

This collection tries to delve into the depths of traditional jewellery from its foundations, focusing on shapes and textures that are inspired by the whole imaginary of microorganisms and corals. The elements that make them up with their vibrant colours and irregular harmony is what has given rise to Experimental Drift.

An experimental drift in which its founders Carla Barral and Javier González have had to delve deeply into the investigation of forms that could not be carried out in any other way than by hand, vindicating the cultural legacy that craftsmanship and jewellery has in their locality. Born in 2020, the brand has been carried by the artist Lola Rodríguez and more.

The importance of direct contact between the materials, the artisans and the synergy that these elements transmit, serve as inspiration for jewellery that transcends the object-body relationship. Each Rígido piece is carefully handmade respecting the nature of the materials and using traditional techniques.

If you want to know more about the jewellery brand Rígido and about their Experimental Drift collection, check out their website.