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The sustainable clothing firm NWHR from A Coruña presents its latest collection “I sea you” by the Parisian artist Samuel Eckert to reflect, through his sarcastic designs, the problems that affect our oceans and seas.

NWHR was born out of the awareness that fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world and the one that causes the most slavery. For this reason, transparency and traceability are the basis of this Spanish brand. After their first capsule “o entroido”, inspired by one of the most emblematic Galician festivals together with the artist Marco Oggian, they are now back with their latest collection “I sea you”.

In the launch of this capsule they have counted on the French illustrator Samuel Eckert to create a marine universe beset by human action. From the impossible date between an octopus and a bag of rubbish to the ocean gangsters who are there to remind us that the plastic we use on land ends up in the sea. And we must remember that our oceans are changing at a speed never seen before.

The image of the NWHR collection campaign could not be other than the influencer of the moment The Spanish King photographed by Rodri Porcelli. The best combination to present “I be you”, without leaving aside the social criticism. Because 50-85% of the planet’s oxygen is generated in the oceans and Spain throws 126 tons of plastics into the sea every day. We declare ourselves with NWHR ocean lovers.

If you want to know more about the project of the emerging brand NWHR, do not hesitate to consult their website and their Instagram @nwhr.cloting where they have available the traceability of the materials and their suppliers, as well as their collections.