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Satisfyer, the world’s leading sexual wellness brand, is committed to intensifying sexual pleasure and has developed a new product category: innovative rings that fit all types of penises.

Megwyn White, Satisfyer’s Director of Education and a certified clinical sexologist, explains some of the benefits of penis rings. “Many people with penises are comfortable wearing a ring and it gives them a huge confidence boost in sex for a variety of reasons. For example, people with erectile dysfunction find that penis rings help them maintain erections. Couples can also give a special boost to their lovemaking by making sex and orgasms even more pleasurable and intense. Satisfyer rings stimulate both the wearer and their sexual partner with extra vibration and can also promote blood flow.

Satisfyer cock rings

The Satisfyer Bullseye hits the spot. This size-adjustable ring can be individually adapted to the size of every penis. The voluminous shape of the ring is not only ideal for clitoral stimulation, but can also be used as a finger vibrator for foreplay. As the ring is made of medical-grade, body-friendly silicone, it is particularly flexible and pleasant to wear.

The Satisfyer Swordsman is also suitable for any type of penis, as it is adjustable in size. Thanks to the blood stasis effect, it not only intensifies the erection, but also prolongs stamina during sex play. The powerful vibration programmes can be controlled intuitively, giving pleasure to both partners with the support of the voluminous, ergonomically shaped clitoral retractor. Thanks to its waterproof design (IPX7), neither the shower nor the bathtub will be able to stop you.

The Satisfyer Sniper guarantees an intense erection and delayed ejaculation thanks to the blood stasis effect. The two rings of the ring, one of which can be individually adjusted, are placed around the penis, which stimulates it particularly intensely. Meanwhile, the powerful vibrations offer both partners additional moments of pleasure with its 12 vibration programmes. When used with a partner with a clitoris, the conical, triangular stimulator will rest on the clitoris with every thrust.

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