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TikTok is full of viral videos with the best beauty tips, this time, we discover a tip to make your perfume last longer.

Although there are a lot of videos on where to put perfume so that it lasts longer on the skin, there are not usually videos on where to store it so that it does not get damaged. For that reason, content creator Emelia, known as “Professor Perfume”, has explained, via TikTok, where and how to store your perfume to make it last longer.

“If you store your perfume in the bathroom when you shower, all the steam and temperature fluctuations will spoil your perfume much faster than if you store them properly in another space.” Emilia added that putting them on the dressing table or window sill is also a no-no. Storing them in a cool, dry place is the best way to maximise the effectiveness of the perfume.

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