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LATIGO presents “La Sobremesa” FW21, the first complete collection in its almost 9 years of life. This first delivery works as a statement of a new stage, the result of a deep process of revision, documentation and rebranding that the brand has developed over the last year and a half.


LATIGO was born from an “Sobremesa” in Madrid in 2012. This concept in Spain invokes the period after a great meal, that moment of socializing around the table between family, friends or future business partners. The energy in the atmosphere when the parties connect through a note written on the restaurant ticket.

This manifesto introduces us to “The Madrid of LATIGO”, a new universe born from the conversation between the values that are part of the brand’s legacy (diversity, family, tradition) and the identity of Madrid. LATIGO is an echo of the diversity that defines the architectural, culinary and cultural landscape of this city.

Its aim is to transfer that feeling to a selection of pieces and articles of everyday use. And the result is a balance between a local narrative and a more refined and mature product, which can speak of Oiza, Feduchi or Jarmusch, as well as of endless family after-dinner conversations or winter walks through the Retiro Park.

The new collection includes pieces cut and sewn in-house and made in Spain. Among them, shirts, jackets and fleece linings, and a line of “everyday” basics, made from premium cotton Made in Canada that include graphics such as “El Retiro” or “Sobremesa”.

You can now get your hands on LATIGO’s new FW21 “La Sobremesa” collection in its online and physical store.

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