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According to Chinese mythology, jade (yü) comes from a dragon. Although the value of this stone is unknown in the West, it has enjoyed fame in the East for thousands of years as “the essence of heaven and earth“. It is not only a precious stone, it is something much more valuable: the union between the mundane and the divine.

Adrián Madrid: Jade

Adrián Madrid: JADE w/ Chacha Huang

The idea of the publisher arises through a trip, more than 10,000 km from Spain, in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, under the Chienkuo South Avenue overpass: in the Taipei Jade market. The exhibition tables on both sides of the market are filled with bright rows of bracelets, rings, necklaces or carved animals. More than 600 stalls in the middle of an asphalt jungle. More than a million nuances that make you lose yourself among tables, old people who carve jewelry and customers who haggle.

As a result of this experience, these images are born, based on the multiple colors that jade can have: from the darkest green tone, to the dull blue of a sky on a grey day, passing through the best known, the imperial green jade.

A work of light and colour that highlights the textures and nuances of the clothes, trying to transmit the reflections of the different nuances of the stone. Because “jade needs to be carved to be a gem” according to an ancient Chinese proverb.

Adrián Madrid: JADE

Foto: Adrian Madrid @adrianmadrid__
Estilista: Begoña García @begogarar
Make Up & Hair: Almudena García: @almudena_garcia_
Modelo: Chacha Huang @chachahuang
Asistente: Itziar Jimenez @itzibarros