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COVID DNA becomes ambient music

A new variant of COVID appears music generated through its genetic code by the company Viromusic. Check it out.

A new variant of COVID appears: music generated through its genetic code. The virus would sound like this.


The sound of 2020-21 is here. The genetic sequence within the coronavirus has projected a series of ambient tracks that are now available for purchase as NFT. Produced by the website Viromusic, the tracks are made using a technique called “DNA sonification“, in which the melody of the songs is derived entirely from the viral sequence. “Each note of the melody is part of the step-by-step instructions that the virus uses to make more copies of itself,” the company tells Dazed.

Viromusic finished tuning and refining the songs made by the virus with cellos, basses, synthesizers and drums.

With prices starting at 0.07 Ethereum (approx. 245 euros), the songs can be purchased on the Rarible platform as NFT, so if you want to keep spending money on unnecessary things this Christmas, you can choose from over 10,000 songs.


Those who purchase the NFT will receive specific details about their chosen track; such as which part of the genetic sequence of the coronavirus corresponds to the code used in the song. Listen to some of the viro-tracks above.

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