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Exclusive: this is Dominnico DILDOM’s new editorial FALL 23

DILDOM FALL 23 by Dominnico arises from the need to continue creating a thought of togetherness and inclusive community beyond fashion itself.

Exclusive: this is Dominnico DILDOM’s new editorial FALL 23

On the occasion of Dominnico’s DILDOM FALL 23 collection, which he showed at the last 080 Barcelona Fashion, the designer returns to delight us with an exclusive editorial.

DILDOM FALL 23 arises from the need to continue creating a thought of union and inclusive community beyond fashion itself. It is a proposal in which recognisable pieces that are already part of the brand’s identity are combined to give way to an inspiration that looks to artistic currents such as Marcel Duchamp’s Dadaism; the conceptual art of the brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman; the contemporary artist Anna Uddemberg; the designer of objects, Anthony Redmile or the provocative aesthetics of Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and the dystopian novel, Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley.

As for the materials and fabrics, most of which come from leftover stock, patent leather, leather and natural Tibet fur stand out, as well as rhinestones, taffeta and tencel to give rise to silhouettes with asymmetrical cuts and strategic openings joined by buckles and brooches with the brand’s isologotype. The colours – which flow between diluted shades such as mint green, sky blue or baby pink and other more powerful fruity tones, such as tangerine or strawberry – make up the palette of this futuristic collection that involves fashion to speak of individual vindication.

HIGHXTAR. (H) – You are presenting the exclusive editorial of your latest collection Dildom Fall 23 with us. What would you say HIGHXTAR and Dominnico have in common?

DOMINNICO (D) – Freshness, hype, spontaneity and being in the moment, attentive to what is happening and being involved with what surrounds us, reinterpreting society and what happens in it.

(H) – Dildom perfectly represents the brand’s identity. What would you say are the key elements to identify a Dominnico garment?

(D) – What ultimately identifies the brand in its garments is sensuality, sexuality, freedom and community. In addition to the most identifying part which is the workmanship of the pieces, the treatment of the leather or the vinyl, and pieces that have already become iconic within Dominnico such as the skirts of the latest collections.

(H) – What creative concept did you want to convey with the collection?

(D) – Sexual freedom and freedom of the individual represented from the extremes. In the collection you can find everything from sweet colours to a much more aggressive BDSM theme. In this editorial we wanted to play with opposites, between angel and demon, or between light and dark, from a more spontaneous and diluted point of view.

(H) – How did you try to get it down for the editorial?

(D) – The key to this editorial is not in big production costs according to artifices, backgrounds or 3D elements. In this editorial we were looking for a more explicit point, and wanting to give rise to new and diverse profiles that can represent all the faces of the brand.

(H) – What was the creative process for Dildom Fall 23 like?

(D) – It was a work of experimentation, in which we find ourselves at the moment, and we wanted to embrace more ambitious projects such as the creation of sculptures in the form of dildos and plugs, elevating sensuality to an artistic point, as a kind of aesthetic pleasure. When it comes to transferring concepts to garments, this process is always a continuous learning process and it is important that we can bring our way of thinking and our own criteria and identity to them. Clothes don’t just talk about our exterior, they talk about us, who we are, how we identify or position ourselves in the world around us and our own spectrum.

(H) – What playlist would represent the collection?

(D) – For this collection we wanted to create our own playlist, which we listened to on loop during the process of creating the collection, here it’s.


Creative direction & Photography @marinavengut
Styling @iamdomingorodriguez
Models @deborahmargaixx @gibriilst at @trafficmodels
Muah @barbaramattel
Hair assistant @fatima_b.d
Photo assistant/ lighting: @instandergram
Digital: @billythin
Digital Retouch @angel_jiro

El aftershow de Dominnico tras la presentación de su Dildom Fall 23.

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