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Gentle Monster X SSENSE | The ecstasy of the “tiny”

The Canadian retailer, SSENSE, has just teamed up with the Korean eyewear firm, Gentle Monster, to create the “Vector” model.

The tiny sunglasses or micro-sunglasses are a consolidated trend. Kiburia, Cmmn Swdn X Ace & Tate or Andy Wolf have just come up with a tough competitor, the collaboration between: Gentle Monster x SSENSE.

The Canadian retailer has just teamed up with the Korean eyewear company to create the “Vector” model. A retrofuturistic proposal that comes in two finishes: matt black and gold. With a Matrix design, the goggles are complemented by a customised leather case and eye-catching ivory box packaging.

Gentle Monster X SSENSE

You know that this summer the tiny glasses are a real #must. The SSENSE proposal with Gentle Monster (@gentlemonster) promises to become a favorite so stay tuned for its release on May 18th.

If you are not convinced by this proposal, here we offer you other alternatives.

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