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Let’s talk local. Five Spanish streetwear brands that produce on the peninsula

These are the Spanish streetwear brands with local production that you should know if you want to switch to a more conscious and responsible consumption.

Let’s talk local. Five Spanish streetwear brands that produce on the peninsula

Social responsibility and commitment to the environment is increasingly in demand in the textile sector, with initiatives that force companies to work more and more in favor of transparency and sustainability. One of the things we can do to make a conscious and responsible consumption is looking for brands that produce locally.

So, if you are also trying to buy more responsibly, we give you the job done and give you 5 streetwear brands that produce in the peninsula. You might want to add some to your radar.


The brand based in Barcelona, but with strong ties to Los Angeles, is conceived as a creative journey from the mind of a Mediterranean child who dreams of Los Angeles.

Laura Escanes or soccer player Aitor Ruibal are just some of the celebrities who wear the brand.

Due to the desire to keep the production as close as possible to its roots, all its garments are made in Portugal, and few of them are also made in Spain and Italy.


This Galician brand only works with factories in Spain and Portugal that share the values of sustainability and are certified. These factories must be safe environments with fair and dignified working conditions and where workers are adequately compensated for their work.

In addition to producing locally, the brand only uses 100% organic cotton GOTS, and measures the impact while seeking to give consumers the tools to make a more conscious and thoughtful consumption.


Worldly Studios was born in 2014 and since then manufactures loafers 100% handmade and in Spain. They select the leathers in the best tanneries in Spain, France, Germany and Italy to then use the most advanced technology with artisanal techniques for a shoe of higher quality, strength and comfort.

Undoubtedly it is the footwear that the dandies of the XXI century, streetwear lovers, need.


This is the textile division of the most famous cap store in Madrid, La Tienda de Las Gorras. The brand was born from a “Sobremesa”in 2013. Since then, they have been promulgating Madrid pride and dressing the most recognized rappers of the Spanish scene.

Together with Dellafuente, they created DLFC(Dellafuente Club de Fútbol). For years it was a super hyped brand. Whether they collaborated with Joma or Nike, the garments were sold out in seconds.

They made all their garments in Spain.


Founded in 2020 by Alexandre F. Dacal & Mateo Alvarez, the brand seeks beauty in the imperfection of the human being. Its philosophy combines deconstruction and classic forms because nothing is permanent.

All its pieces are made in Portugal.

Tommy x Keith Haring new collection pays homage to Nueva York City.

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