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Highshout. 5 – Deva

The fifth edition of HIGHSHOUT. features DEVA, ne of the most promising urban music artists of the moment.

The fifth edition of HIGHSHOUT. features DEVA, ne of the most promising urban music artists of the moment. And we are not the only ones who think so: this is corroborated by the Sónar festival in Barcelona, which featured her in its last edition; it is reaffirmed by Spotify, which included her in Artist Radar 2020; her signing with Sony or her collaborations with top figures of the national scene, such as Recycled J or Rels B. Her talent is clear, and her future in the industry is a safe bet. 


Once again, Sergio Pontier & Gooseed take the lead in this section to expand the list of emerging national talents we have to keep an eye on. This has been their talk with DEVA.

Highxtar (H) –What was it that made you realize that music was the way to go?

Deva (D) – Watching my parents work every day with a fixed schedule. And my town, a place that is not quite ideal for someone creative.

(H) – Your father is from Antigua and Barbuda… Does all that background represent you and influence you when making your music?

(D) – Yes! The fact of being different, of coming from a place where almost nobody is from, at least here in Spain, and having to do so much research about where I come from, I think that has made me special. When it comes to composing, with the melodies… that’s where I’ve noticed that all that influences me.


(H) – How does an artist like you see the national music scene today? How do you imagine it in a few years?

(D) – No offense, I think that there are things about my project that are still not understood in Spain. I think Spain is slowly moving towards a more filtered and objective popular opinion. But there is still a lot of work to do. It is a process. In a few years everyone will be able to see themselves represented in the artists that appear on TV and on the social media.

Deva x Highxtar

(H) – In this global situation in which we find ourselves, the concept of mental health has become for many of us the most essential definition of health. How does Deva disconnect in spite of so much chaos?

(D) – Deva never switches off. I spend my days looking for ways to disconnect. I started very young, and I don’t forget what I had to do to be here. Maybe I’m wrong, but that makes for a good creative brain for me. Resting is important, but I’m in the process.

Deva Music

(H) – Finally, what advice would you give to the younger generation?

(D) – To the younger generations I will tell them not to settle for anything, not to forgive, not to step on others, to be the best versions of themselves to make this world fairer.

Highshout x DEVA

Deva by Highxtar


Interview by: @gooseed & @sergio____p
Creative Direction: @gooseed
Photography: @sergio____p
Stylism: @gooseed
Stylism Assistant: @issaliem
MUA: @cyberkraken_
Hair: @madbraidz28010

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