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Louis Vuitton reveals what we will wear in 2054

Virgil Abloh is launching a new Louis Vuitton line focused on technology: Louis Vuitton 2054, inspired by the 200th anniversary of the French maison.

Virgil Abloh (@virgilabloh) launches a new Louis Vuitton line focused on technology: Louis Vuitton 2054.  Its name is inspired by the 200th anniversary of the French maison, which will take place in three decades’ time.

Louis Vuitton 2054

Have you ever wondered what clothes we’re gonna wear in 2054? Surely not, but just in case, Virgil solves it for you. The year 2054 is not a random number, it’s Louis Vuitton’s 200th anniversary. Although there are still more than 30 years left, Rockford has decided to go ahead and imagine what it would be like.

The collection consists of 14 multifunctional garments, made from innovative fabrics and futuristic manufacturing techniques; and a wide range of accessories, including sneakers, scarves and necklaces. However, three-dimensional logos and iridescent effects on the classic Monogram are the real protagonists.

Sticking to his vocabulary, Virgil once again uses “accessomorphosis” (the idea of transforming accessories into garments) and “compressomorphosis” (large pieces that can be compressed) throughout the line. As we said before, most garments are multifunctional. For example, the Sleepall bag, the outdoor version of the iconic Keepall, is transformed into a sleeping bag or the Christopher backpack, which incorporates intelligent pockets.

Prices for the Louis Vuitton 2054 SS20 collection range from 800 to 5000 euros. It is pre-launched on 15 November and will be on sale from December.

We don’t know if the human world, as we know it, will reach 2054. If this does not happen because of climate change, at least we will know how people would be dressed. Thank you, Virgil.

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