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MANTELERIA presents “OBSCURED” in collaboration with SVD

SVD collaborates with the Barcelona brand MANTELERIA in a project focused on upcycling that gives rise to limited edition garments.

SVD collaborates with the Barcelona brand MANTELERIA in a project focused on upcycling. It is an exclusive collection of reinvented icons for those who love limited editions and high-end.

Designer Juan Rincón recalls the art of giving clothes a second life and the importance of contributing to the circular economy. The result? A careful selection of durable, timeless and characterful garments that respect the essence of the materials and fabrics.

In this way, “OBSCURED” offers a range of 36 pieces of supreme quality that give shape to this dark fantasy of classic garments and footwear, inspired by military aesthetics. Denim and military jackets, twill trench coats and cowboy boots bring together different techniques in a single work, using black as the common thread throughout the collection, whether in silkscreen printing, dyeing or freehand painting with motifs of destruction and rebirth.

Lorca personifies one of the biker jackets with an information label on which one of the poems from his work Romancero gitano can be read. Each item has an information label showing its provenance, the date of production and the technique used in its modification.

MANTELERIA takes great care over the conceptual and aesthetic level of its work. This has been transmitted throughout its career and in “OBSCURED”, where the importance of using top quality materials and patterns that always work is strongly represented. The essence of MANTELERIA‘s proposal is the creation of limited edition objects together with different local artists. The central axis of each collaboration is the radicality and authenticity of the fabrics.


The collection will be available from 22 December on SVD‘s digital portal and at its flagship store in Barcelona.

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