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We attended the launch party for Big Bunny by Playboy

We attended the launch party for Big Bunny, Playboy’s new high-end brand, with Anuel AA, Jared Leto and Sita Abellán, among others.

We attended the launch party for Big Bunny, Playboy’s new high-end brand. A unique event in Miami where we shared a party with Anuel AA, Jared Leto, Pilar Zeta, María Forqué, Filip Custic, Cardi B, Willow Smith and Sita Abellán, among other celebrities.

Playboy celebrates Cardi B’s new role as creative director during the Art Basel festival and also the launch of her new luxury lifestyle brand, Big Bunny, with a Playboy Party where we had the pleasure of attending. “The Big Bunny brand was conceived as a love letter to the modern jet-setter and brings Playboy’s heritage of sophistication and fun to the forefront.”

From the moment we entered through the famous boxwood hedges of the Casa Tua restaurant, the venue chosen for the surreal themed party, Playboy transported us to another parallel reality. Giant fake clouds, bunnies in silk pyjamas and contemporary interpretations of Boticelli’s Venus decorated the top floor of the restaurant.

As Playboy develops its more digital approach, the company simultaneously recalls the days of Farrah Fawcett with the launch of Big Bunny. As the new brand positions itself at the epicentre of the world of music, art, pop culture and fashion with the recent return of its jet, serving as the vehicle for creative change in the cultural zeitgeist.

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