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Have you ever wondered what the songs of the mermaids that roam the bottom of the sea and bewitch so many sailors sound like? In this new single with IRENEN3S it’s confirmed: mermaids sing dembow.

Amidst bubbles, waves, and glints of the sun, EUSKOPRINCESS and IRENEN3S emerge from the ocean depths to put a different and futuristic rhythm to a classic legend such as Sorotan’s classic Bele Mariñelaren zai. The two artists dance dembow with their aquatic companions and no longer wait for any sailors. This salt-flavoured track, full of bells, samples, synthesizers and mysterious chants, is produced by Rivers Z and recorded at La Joyería studios in Portugalete.

In the videoclip, directed by the Basque production company Arriguri, we find our earthly goddesses swimming in a sea of mermaids, mythological creatures that anyone would want to glimpse after a long boat trip, without knowing that when it comes to the real lamiak, you don’t know if they will give you life or take it away. EUSKOPRINCESS and IRENEN3S don’t let themselves be trapped by any net and prove that they are on earth to stay.

EUSKOPRINCESS aka Minet is an artist born in Hernani and ready to conquer the universe. With little more than a year since the release of her first single Lehendakari produced by Rivers Z, Minet has grown at an accelerated pace developing her first EP titled Hollywood Star – System and touring different festivals like Hirian, Atlantikaldia or BIME and state venues like Dabadaba or Teatro Eslava and opening for artists like La Zowi.

Fotos y videoclip por Arriguri

She continues to enjoy all the opportunities that Hollywood Star – System has given her, she is immersed in new collaborations with the most powerful artists on the new urban scene and is embarking on a new path with the Oso Polita label, with which she continues to work on several projects that will soon see the light of day.

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