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EVISU announces the relaunch of its exclusive “2000 Baggy Fit Denim” jeans amidst the resurgence of Y2K fashion. 

EVISU returns with its “2000 Baggy Fit Denim”, but with a looser fit and a more relaxed structure than its predecessor. The new silhouette retains the white painted logo on the pockets and legs of the jeans.

In addition, this new version offers a looser fit than most other items in its category. Colours range from dark denim to lighter denim, and the iconic “Daicock” design is still present on the jeans.

Other items in EVISU‘s latest collection include logo-laden denim jackets and dyed denim blouses. The streetwear brand has just teamed up with Monopoly to recreate the classic board game.

The EVISU “2000 Baggy Fit Denim” collection will be available on 20 January and will be sold exclusively on the brand’s website. All other collection items are currently available in EVISU shops.

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