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Every story has always different versions and reboots. It doesn’t matter how traditional or wild it is, the chances to be reinterpreted and reworked are unlimited. Alison Bizzi aka Posh94 explores a new version of Alice in Wonderland under a rave and eclectic vision. Too much to handle.

Imagine being a kid playing with those extravagant VR glasses after hitting some LSD with your gang while watching Lewis Carroll’s classic and fucking freaking out with that merge of sensations. If you ain’t capable of picturing it, Posh94 (@ultraposh94) will help you make it with her last editorial around this complex tale that is not as childish as we’ve always thought.

The Italian DJ and influencer presents a naive/ creepy/ tender/ extravagant perspective applying Dior jewelry, underwear and sunglasses; Margiela MM6 gloves and different pieces to complete all the looks from creators like Salvatore Vignola, Flamingo Rome, Fecal Matter (@fecalmatterworld), Didu (@di______du) or Arcosanti World (@arcosantiworld) and more.

Pics were shot by Tigre Zhang (@tigre.zhang), MUA done by Sofía Foiera (@alleyesonsophie), concept created by Luca Paolantonio (@imluche) and Alison Bizzi (@ultraposh94) herself, and LinLin (@_ppprincesssas partner in this trip. Postproduction was run by Yuri Kaban (@yurikaban). Such a Dream Team.

ULTRAPOSH94 EDITORIALHeadpiece : Salvatore Vignola x Ilariusss | Earrings: Salvatore Vignola | Top: Flamingo Rome | Longsleeve: Wovo | Necklace: Dior | Underwear: Dior | Gloves: Margiela MM6 | Socks:  JF London Walk of Fame | Shoes: Westernaffai


ULTRAPOSH94 EDITORIALHeadpiece: Overadorned by Janet Fischietto | Earring: Flamingo Rome | Gloves: Margiela MM6 | Suit: Stylist own | Skirt: Stylist Own  | Shoes: Arcosanti World


ULTRAPOSH94 EDITORIALSunglasses: Dior | Earrings: Salvatore Vignola | Lingerie: Flamingo Rome | Dress: Salvatore Vignola | Gloves: Stylist own | Tights: Stylist Own  | Shoes: Arcosanti World


ULTRAPOSH94 EDITORIALSunglasses: Dior | Necklace: Dior | Earring: Overadorned by Janet Fischietto | Bra: Flamingo Rome | Body: Dior | Gloves: Margiela MM6 | Tights: Stylist Own | Shoes: Dior


ULTRAPOSH94 EDITORIALHeadpiece: Salvatore Vignola x Ilariusss | Earring: Hanger Inc.  | Top: Didu | Skirt: Fecalmatter | Gloves: Margiela MM6 | Socks: Stylist Own







You’ll find the rabbit.