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G-SHOCK pays tribute to NASA with its latest DW-5600 watch design. The special edition of the watch and its packaging present a set of motifs honoring the legacy of the American institution of space exploration and discovery, accompanied by a short video related to the famous slogan often heard before takeoff: “All systems go“.

G-SHOCK x Nasa

Preserving the timelessness of the DW-5600’s silhouette, G-SHOCK enhances it with an all-white case and strap inspired by space suits, complemented by a grey dial and classic LED display, enhanced by a special moon-shaped backlight. The famous NASA logo appears at the top, while the American flag is printed on the strap ring and the “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” is printed in black on the bottom band.

The NASA DW-5600 is available on the G-SHOCK website and in selected stores.