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George Wendell presents its third spring/summer 2022 collection at Paris fashion week. Creative director Pierre Kaczmarek is inspired by young people who leave everything behind for a late summer rush. 

We all know that good Parisians flee the French capital during the month of August and Pierre Kaczmarek confirms this: “I love this time of August, because the only people left in the city are the unlucky ones whose holiday plans have gone to pot, the fools who kill themselves at work and the tourists”.

The third collection continues to play with traditional tailoring perfect for a business day. It mixes structured pieces with cotton, casual denim and lightweight knitwear, which are essential during hot days in Hausman’s offices.

The collection is also designed for mini-vacations, with dress shirts and coloured swimming costumes that invite you to spend a weekend at the pools and casinos of Deauville, Normandy. The capsule is also inspired by the codes of golf, both in its T-shirts and shoes.

The Georges Wendell label could be considered the revival of the almost forgotten tailor’s shop Le Sentier. Heavily inspired by his hometown, Kaczmarek infuses the brand with a Parisian identity that borrows the characteristics of the city’s various neighbourhoods.