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The new collection by Benjamin Huseby and Serhat Isik – GmbH (@gmbh_official)  – is inspired by the immigration experiences their mothers told them and connects them directly with the current situation by creating a 50% collection for each genre, which in addition to fashion tells stories.

GmbH | SS19

GmbH | SS19

Under the title “Survival Strategies“, the SS19 proposal of the Germans breathes past and future under the same concept; the vinyl trousers coexisted with traditional details in many of the garments, rigid denim and sportwear, elevating the connection to a unique visual experience.

Also on the catwalk we could see what will be an imminent collaboration with the Asics brand.

GmbH SS19

One of the motifs that stands out in the garments is the nettle, a plant that inspires part of the collection due to its capacity for self defense and survival. In the words of the designers themselves, “it is a metaphor for our existence“.

The guys of GmbH have a unique potential to turn horror into beauty, through a collection that investigates problems of the past and links them with the future through patterns with a utilitarian and a certain rave aesthetic.