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Bobbi Beck, an emerging print and design studio based in Cornwall, has recreated one of the most famous living rooms in television history: The Simpsons. 

Despite the clash of aesthetics, we could say that Bobbie Beck has pulled it off. The vision is definitely there, but by using contemporary furniture and a few kitsch touches, it doesn’t quite match.

The three-seater sofa contrasts with a lilac coffee table on which sits a lamp and an old-fashioned landline telephone. A pleated lamp, a green carpet and a pink, lilac and orange rug complete the ensemble.

“Actually, pink walls, green carpets, purple cabinets and a brown sofa don’t look very good together, so it was a real challenge to keep the living room tasteful while still being recognisably Simpsons,” explains creative director James Mellan-Matulewicz.

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