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According to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, England plans to come out of this third lockdown caused by the pandemic in the coming months. Thus, he has presented a government plan where he sets out different dates to reopen the economy and restart their lives gradually. Be warned: on June 21, all limits on social contact will be lifted and people will be able to go dancing again. Yes, the clubs will reopen. 

Memes confinamiento

Well, these attempts sound perfect, but they are far from the current reality. Who knows what we will be like on June 21? Let’s see if you understand me, I hope we can all celebrate the end of the pandemic for those dates, but I see it a bit complicated.

The thing is that, after reading Johnson’s declaration of intentions, we thought it appropriate to compile the best memes about the end of the confinement. So, if we can’t get back together by then, we can laugh with this material taken from the deep internet (Twitter).

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