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With the beginning of April 2022, new astrological trends will have a different impact on each of the zodiac signs. So from the H. team we tell you what this new period has in store for you. 


It’s your month, it’s your time. For this reason, you will feel full of energy to do whatever you set your mind to. Right now you deserve to enjoy yourself, do crazy things and focus on yourself. There are new beginnings and new opportunities at work. Some of them could generate a lot of money for you, which would be perfect to celebrate your birthday in style. Although this month is a month of celebration, you also need to find the stability you need in your life and a healthy routine, so get rid of the toxic vibes.


Taurus you are coming out of a period of many changes, a time of retrospection and reflection. Now it’s time to free yourself from all that you have endured during this time. It’s time to change the way you relate to others, don’t let them walk all over you because you are worth a lot. And don’t forget to say everything you think, because some of the scratches you’ve had lately come from not saying things at the moment. There may be some very big changes in your life because what you need right now is to experiment and innovate.


This month will be full of changes, Gemini. Although it’s always hard to adapt, you’re going to realise that this is what you need. You need to focus more on the people who care for you and spend quality time with them. Don’t delegate your problems to others because here the only person who can manage your issues is you. Take care of your mental health because a person from the past wants to come back to close the chapter and you have to be prepared. Don’t postpone this situation any longer and deal with it. Take control of your life.


You are willing to make some changes in your life in order to be happy and you should do so, Cancer. You often drown in a glass of water, but you have to know that you can do anything. Although these last few months you have had some downturns, with the spring season you will regain the vitality and joy which characterises you. Don’t get comfortable and get out of your comfort zone. It is clear that you don’t want to get on bad terms with anyone, but that doesn’t mean that you have to put up with everything they say, even with your ties.


You are finding yourself, you are discovering yourself and the peace you lost because of shady people is back. If you are happy with something, stay there. So take care of those around you because there is someone who wants you to show them how you feel about them. Your energy can attract what you want to you, so take advantage of it. Unfortunately, this month you are going to have some ups and downs, communicate and don’t stop procrastinating your responsibilities. In April certain personal and professional challenges are likely to begin and you need to be at 100%.


You start the month of April in detox mode. You’re tired of excesses and of not having time to do what you really like. You want to disconnect from people who have a strange vibe and that’s the best thing you could do Virgo. A full-blown reset. You know you’re worth a lot and that’s why you want to be valued, so get to work on it. It bothers you when people don’t respond as you would, but this month you have to understand that each person is different. Be attentive because your emotional side will be very much awake.


Although you’ve had a dark few months, April is here to charge you up with good vibes. This month you will make important decisions which you have been putting off for a long time. You are unaccustomed to dealing with your own problems and those of others, and although this act shows a lot about the kind of person you are, don’t let it absorb you. You are quite empathetic and this can affect you too much on a personal level, so it’s time you taught yourself to set boundaries. Let go of those who don’t show you because April will bring you new beginnings.


You have to get into a routine in order to achieve everything, Scorpio. Whenever you set your mind to something you will achieve it, but to do so you must organise yourself as you know how. In April you will have your priorities very clear and you will know who is for you and who is not. It is likely that you will feel that you have to focus a lot on the professional and artistic aspects. If you want things to go well and the way you want them to, you have to take control of the situation. An important transformation is coming for you, renew or die, that will be your mood this season.


Right now you’re at a point in your life where you’re not completely at ease and you know you have to make changes. You’re going to take a great weight off your shoulders, you’re going to finally have that conversation and those words you’ve been longing for for so long. In April you will need to make new plans, improvised trips and unexpected encounters. You don’t care if you lose everything, you just want to take risks. You’re tired of the same old things, of being robbed of your energy, but this is going to change, Sagittarius. Go for it, it’s going to work out well.


You’re going through a pretty unfair situation, so this month it’s time to fight for what you’ve worked so hard to get. You’ve been on a strange streak for months, but the most important thing is that you want to get out of it as soon as possible. Don’t forget all the lessons that the people you love have taught you and put them into practice. Right now your priority is going to be yourself, your work and those links that give you the best of themselves. Focus on what you need and take care of yourself because you often forget.


All good things come to you and although it may have taken you a while, you are likely to start seeing the results of all your hard work very soon. Remember not to make the same mistakes again, look to the past as many times as necessary. The point now is not to trust anything or anyone. Sometimes it’s good to step back and look at things around you from a different angle. We don’t know what we have until we lose it. You don’t know what you have until you lose it. So, Aquarius remember to step back when you feel it’s necessary.


You are in a very ambitious mood, you will have the need to externalize everything you think in a creative way. This month you will worry much more about yourself. In April more than ever you need to be there for your loved ones so you need to be strong. This is the perfect time to close emotional cycles, both for better and for worse. Don’t keep chasing something that doesn’t work. Everything is going to take a lot of energy on your part, so you’ll need a little more support and affection than usual. Don’t hesitate to demand it, Pisces.