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With the beginning of May 2022, new astrological trends will have a different impact on each of the zodiac signs. So from the H. team we tell you what this new period has in store for you. 


May is here and with it the time to focus on yourself, on your professional career and on what brings you the most. Although you are always the one who takes the initiative and goes all out, this month you should know that you can also relax. And that’s okay. Let yourself go and let others pull you along. In May you are going to transmit again that magnetism you have always had and which had been off for months. This will be extrapolated in all areas, both in personal and work relationships. You’re on fire!


Taurus this is your season and we know you will celebrate in style, but always with your feet on the ground. This is a time of change and you will have to find a balance between enjoying the “now”, your mental stability and the refuge with your loved ones that you need so much. Although many things have gone wrong, there are others which are beginning to work out well thanks to your effort and perseverance. It is the perfect time to let go of everything that is toxic. Check what is not working around you and find a solution. You can do it all.


This month comes loaded for you, Gemini. May is also your season and you want to be on top of your game so as not to disappoint anyone. You will have a lot of plans, but that can be a bit overwhelming. However, getting out of the house will do you good so that you don’t overthink things. May will be a significant month for you because you will have to make important decisions, but you have to keep calm because you can get out of anything. You no longer want dramas in your life and if, by any chance, they do come into your life, you want to deal with them peacefully.


Cancer you need to know how to prioritise yourself and give yourself the value you deserve. You need to be there for yourself more than ever and know how to detect when you are going from generous to complacent. Good news arrives this month and you have to be prepared. In addition, your mission is to get back in touch with people you have lost touch with, but still think about. With the arrival of spring you have recovered that vitality which characterizes you so much and will give you the strength to undertake any project or relationship which you think is worthwhile.


Leo this month brings many changes. May will bring you everything you need, you just have to trust more in yourself. Even if you have bad times or complicated situations, don’t be so hard on yourself because you are not to blame for anything. Take a bit of distance to be able to see things with perspective and you will see that everything is not as bad as you think. Despite not being afraid of anything, when it comes to feelings everything gets complicated. Take control of the situation and take that first step you’re not used to taking.


This month you have to fight against your insecurities and fears. In May you will take big steps because you are tired of being in your comfort zone. It’s your thing to set big goals and now it’s time to go for them. There is something stuck inside you related to the past that you have to resolve. There are many feelings inside you which will intensify this month and will confuse you. If you don’t risk, you don’t win, and shame is not going anywhere, so go all out.


May starts off strong and you are now more eager than ever to eat up the world, to go out, to surround yourself with people who really contribute to you. Your fears and insecurities always appear at the worst moment, but you have to focus on what you have in front of you, on enjoying yourself and not letting bad vibes take hold of you. Spend more time with yourself, before spending your days with people who don’t listen when you talk about your problems. They are not worth it. Leave behind those who don’t show you that new beginnings are coming.


Scorpio you have to be prepared because May will be full of that intensity which characterizes you so much. You will be very focused on solving your internal problems and not so much external ones, so you will be a little more distant from your loved ones. It is time to let go of everything you have been carrying around for a long time in order to be able to face this season as a new person.  If you want things to go well and the way you want them to, you must put an end to certain cycles. Face the past and start living life the way you know how. You deserve it.


May will be a month of personal growth and renewal for you. You feel a bit lost… You know what you don’t want in your life, but you’re not clear about what it is you want. Although it’s good to keep making plans, remember that it’s also necessary to stop and rest from time to time. For your mental health. You have to be the one who pulls forward, for your people, you owe them a lot of things and you are going to do everything possible to be by their side. Spending more time with them will bring you a lot of happiness, which is what you need this season.


A time of change is coming for you Capricorn. You’ve been carrying a lot of disappointments for a few months now. However, instead of stagnating because of the negative things, you will have to arm yourself with the strength to move forward. You are going to prove to yourself that you can do anything, and to do this, start by setting limits and questioning your relationships. If you are waiting for a sign from the universe that will incite you to do what you don’t dare to do, it won’t come. Take the initiative and tell that person with whom you have something pending what you feel.


May will be a month of peace for you, Aquarius, and nothing more. Although changes are going to come at you from all sides, you are in a vibe that will allow you to face them in the best way possible. Perhaps it is even time to leave the path you are following by inertia and set yourself another destination. You want people to start valuing your space and to stop meddling where they don’t belong. You are not looking for conflict or drama with anyone, you just want them to pass a little of you as you pass of them. This month you will be calmer than ever.


This month is full of new adventures and experiences which will enrich you as a person. In May your purpose will be to give your all and have a great time because you deserve it. Don’t cut your wings, don’t stop doing things out of fear, don’t stop taking certain paths for fear of the consequences. You are a different person, you have grown up, you can face the same situations and the result can be different. Emotions often get the better of you and that makes you act without thinking, but this time you are going to do it in a more mature way.