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With the arrival of the summer season, the trips, festivals and beach getaways begin and with them, the search for the perfect bikini. A year ago, TikTok and Instagram were flooded with videos showing you how to have 13 bikinis in 1. Now even the brands propose a thousand ways to wear them.

This summer, the trend that started slowly in 2021, the deconstruction of the triangle bikini, is here to stay. This classic silhouette can be reinvented in a simple gesture as easy as twisting it. That is to say, putting the straps that would normally be tied at the neck to the torso and vice versa. A trick that proves that the simple things are the most effective.

A simple way to give a new use to that bikini you don’t wear anymore or simply a different way to add a little extra style to your beach look. A trick that we could see in countless Instagram and TikTok accounts and that this 2022 is starting to become more professional. Even brands have gone a step further and have launched a new bandeau that makes the “upside down” effect.


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