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Designers Luke and Lucie Meier continue to reinvent tailoring for both women and men in their latest SS23 Jil Sander show.

When the duo started the brand in 2018, they brought the women’s and men’s collections together, but soon separated them, believing that each needed its own special care. Now, five years after their debut, the designers have combined them again, understanding that the only way to create menswear is together with womenswear.

The latest collection magnifies the renaissance of tailoring, focusing on monochromatic suits, loose silhouettes, neutral colours and sculptural shapes. When it comes to fusing menswear and womenswear, Jil Sander brings glamour and elegance to the catwalk with simple cuts and shapes.

The collection tends to lean towards neutrals and lighter tones such as white, peach, cream, lilac and pale blue. Despite this, shades such as magenta, gold, silver and acid green contrasted with delicate knitwear, painted suede and light wools.

“Merging womenswear and menswear together was a natural. It definitely reflects what we have done since we started designing our Jil Sander and what we consider one of the foundations of our work together. We are always looking for balance between elements that are often considered opposites, formally, culturally or emotionally,” the designers explain.

GCDS SS23: the alien invasion is here to stay.