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Kerby Jean-Raymond, designer and founder of Pyer Moss, has released the official trailer for his upcoming documentary, American, Also. The film focuses on Jean-Raymond’s last two years, specifically the development of Pyer Moss’ Spring/Summer 2020 collection, a tribute to the black origins of the rock ‘n’ roll music genre.


As an advocate for the importance of black people in the fashion industry, Jean-Raymond does not shy away from political discussion in this documentary. “American, Also, the whole thesis was created to take elements of popular American society and show how black people had a hand in them,” he says in the trailer. “We’re more than a statistic, we’re more than the bad story, we’re more than killings, we’re more than that,” he adds.

The official launch date for American, Also will be announced sometime this summer. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the film is scheduled to open in drive-ins across the U.S. Watch the trailer above and stay tuned for more information.