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Sacred Wood and Rose Oud, two of Kilian Paris’ most iconic fragrances blended by founder Kilian Hennessy and perfumer Calice Becker almost 10 years ago, return for the autumn season.

Sacred Wood is a tribute to the pure sandalwood from Mysore that is now banned in perfumery, reserved for religious temples, while Rose Oud combines wood and spices around an incandescent rose. Both creations also pay tribute to cedar wood, sourced from protected tree species in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. An olfactory opening to a higher level of sensory pleasure.

Sacred Wood is a portrait of sandalwood from Mysore’s most coveted variety. Sacred Wood opens with Ambrette Seed Absolute and Carrot Seed Essence, then unfolds into a sandalwood accord with Cedarwood Oil from the Atlas of Morocco and Amyris Oil from the Dominican Republic.  Copaiba Balsam Oil adds warmth with an animalic Apricot aspect. A malty milky vapour rises like incense.

Rose Oud represents a fiery blend of Roses. Bulgarian rose oil opens with a spark of saffron and cinnamon, while rose absolute blends with a sweet lychee accord. The fragrance unfolds a long-lasting dry-down based on Atlas cedarwood oil, which resonates with an oud accord built around woody and spicy Indian chypriol oil, enriched with deep smoky leather notes.

Both fragrances are now available on the brand’s website.

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