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Giving a kiss on New Year’s Eve is an act of wishing you “good luck for the coming year”. For those of you who follow this tradition, we tell you the origin and why of one of the most famous New Year’s Eve rituals. 

This custom began in Roman times when at the Saturnalia festival everyone kissed each other. From there, a sort of tradition developed in the United States: many believe that if they don’t kiss just after the last bell rings at midnight, they will not have good luck in love for the rest of the year. It is also said that in Europe, kissing was also a popular New Year’s Eve custom, when people would come masked to dances and when 12 o’clock came, they would kiss whoever was next to them.

Today, the New Year’s Eve kiss has become a must in the United States or for those who follow American culture. Relationship therapist Jaime Bronstein says that “the kiss coincides with a time of year when people who don’t normally want to have serious relationships start looking for one. This gesture is an act of wishing one “good luck for the coming year,” explains Alexis McCrossen, a history professor at Southern Methodist University.

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