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We present “Otro Lugar”, the project carried out by Larios together with the producer Alizzz, the singer Paula Cendejas and the dancer Fanny Sage.

The video narrates the metaphorical fight against the stressful routine and how it is up to us to enjoy and disconnect, something that seems simple but is actually very complex.

Paula Cendejas (@paula_cendejas) is WHOA! Music‘s first talent, the record label founded by Alizzz and Warner Music Spain. After the success of “Tu Cama” and her single “Sal de mi Cabeza”, the Madrid performer returns with the producer in “Otro Lugar”, by the hand of Larios.

Paula Cendejas y Alizz presentan Otro Lugar

This project is directed audiovisually by Laura Martinova, who has a long experience in directing video clips and has worked with firms such as Paco Rabanne. The designer Juan Vidal is also in charge of the wardrobe. The winner of several awards such as Who’s on Next has taken this opportunity to make an exclusive capsule collection.

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