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Layering is a beauty routine for velvety smooth skin that has been used by Japanese women since ancient times. We tell you more about this Japanese skincare routine.

It’s true that we know layering mainly as a trend that consists of putting on several layers of clothes in a cool way. However, this is not far from the reality of layering in beauty, as it consists, exactly, of applying beauty products in layers. Take note and discover what this routine can do for your skin.

What is layering?

As we mentioned before, this technique consists of layering. In this case, the layers are beauty products according to their density. In other words, you always start by applying the less dense products and finish with the heavier ones, such as creams. This is used to correct skin imperfections and to ensure that all products are absorbed effectively.

What are the main steps?

Make-up removal

This is the first step and, therefore, very important even if we are lazy. It is not enough to go straight to the cleanser, first of all it is important to remove make-up to remove impurities and traces of make-up. Oils are often one of the best products to remove these products, as they are greasy and are the most effective at removing make-up.

Deep cleansing

Now it is the turn of the cleanser with a good gel that manages to remove impurities completely. This will also cleanse the pores and prepare the skin for the next layers of treatment and hydration. A final rinse with cold water is perfect for activating circulation and keeping the skin supple.


The toner or lotion is the last product in the cleansing process as it is responsible for washing away anything that may have been left behind, such as bacteria. But not only that, it also helps to balance the pH of the skin, detoxifying and minimising the appearance of pores. It also helps to reduce the inflammation of skin blemishes.

Serum, start the treatment

Now it’s time for treatment cosmetics such as serum. If you are going to use several, but never more than three, it is important to always go from the lightest to the thickest, always leaving a margin of time for absorption. Serums are the highest dose of treatment as they help the skin to appear soft, glowing, radiant and smooth. It should also be noted that the ingredients are not the same in the morning as they are in the evening. For example, retinol should be used in the evening, while vitamin C is more suitable for the morning routine.

Eye contour

We continue with the treatment products, in this case we move on to the eye contour, a denser product than the serums. Especially indicated for this delicate and fine area of the face, they treat the skin to eliminate dark circles and wrinkles. Similarly, as you get older, it is important to use a different one for the night and another one for the day with proposals that have different properties.

Moisturising cream

The most dense part of the daily routine, especially at night, is the moisturiser. This cosmetic must-have has several functions in addition to moisturising, such as sealing in all the treatment previously applied and protecting the skin from external aggressions. In addition, it can also be treated according to your needs, such as fighting wrinkles or increasing the moisturising power.

Sun protection

Although it is an essential step to apply during the day, always before leaving the house, it is one of the great forgotten ones. It is an essential cosmetic that will protect the skin from solar radiation and, thus, from premature skin ageing due to the harmful effects of sun exposure.

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