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Playing on the iconic aspect of Turkey’s rally culture, Istanbul-based streetwear brand Les Benjamins presents its latest collection entitled “Forgotten Pacenotes”.

This season, creative director Bünyamin Aydin has been inspired by open racing for the autumn/winter 2021 collection. For the lookbook, Aydin wanted to make it as real as possible, and he has relied on the iconic rally drivers Renç Kibey, Serdar Bostanci and Michèle Mouton.

The collection is divided into two blocks “rally-style” and “crash & repair”, taking as references the classic uniforms of motorsports. To marry this creative imagery with the brand’s urban aesthetic, Les Benjamins has created classic rally-style silhouettes with streetwear touches.

The launch includes wool jumpers and scarves, denim trousers, structured blazers, shiny waistcoats and more. In addition, “Forgotten Pacenotes” also features women’s leather dresses and two-piece sets in red and blue tones, as well as men’s suits.


The new Les Benjamins collection is available on their website with prices starting at 40,00 euros.